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How to Plan The Perfect BBQ Wedding

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Planning a wedding is a big task to undertake and while you will want to ensure that everything from the flowers to the reception meal planning is perfect, it doesn’t mean that you must adhere to a traditional, indoor wedding venue that many people stick to. Weddings today have many wonderful choices for the perfect touches, and no two weddings ever need to be alike.

You have the perfect tux, a beautiful gown and the best photographer in town, but now you need to decide on your wedding reception plans. Today, a backyard BBQ isn’t just a little fun on a Saturday night, it’s also a great, as well as trendy, way to bring wedding guests together to celebrate the start of your new life together as a married couple.

Flame BBQ outdoor catering Berkshire

The perfect backyard wedding is a great way to kick things off in the right direction on your special day and when you include barbecue, you can’t go wrong. From red and white checkered table cloths to great music and entertainment, a little rustic style and the perfect guest list, here are a few tips on making sure you’re your wedding day, and your barbecue food and décor, is perfect.

The Music

No, you don’t need to hire a three-piece jug band or play country music all night just because you serve barbecue at the wedding, but hiring a DJ is a great idea to provide a wide array of music and not have Uncle John stuck changing the radio station all throughout the reception. Keep in mind that not everyone is a fan of R&B love songs, so be sure to have the DJ play a good mix of different musical genres throughout the wedding reception.

Flame BBQ Berkshire catering rustic barn decor

The Décor

Keeping your wedding décor simple is a good idea not only to assist with less cleanup after the reception but also because a simplistic look is nice. Choose flowers wisely including daisies and wildflowers for a truly rustic, and down to earth vibe at the reception.

Spread traditional red and white checkered linens over the tables, and you can even plan lawn games including corn hole or life size tic-tac-toe for a true southern BBQ feeling. If that is not enough, be sure to include Mason jars to drink the wine and keep some sunscreen on hand for your guests if your planning a midday wedding.

Flame BBQ catering Berkshire


You will need to determine what type of drinks to provide at your BBQ wedding reception and if you plan to offer alcoholic beverages, be sure to offer non alcoholic as well. Keep in mind that not everyone consumes alcohol and if you plan to have underage guests, offering age appropriate beverages is a necessity.

It can be tough to estimate the cost of alcohol for a wedding reception. On average, when you have alcohol at a wedding reception, you can usually count on 50% to 75% preferring beer or wine while 15% to 25% will prefer heavier alcohol. If you need to import wine for the wedding, doing so from France is your best option as there will not be an excise tax since it is a personal event rather than a commercial event. If you have a caterer handle the import however, you may find that you will need to pay excise taxes to import the wine.

When you plan to serve barbecue, offering bourbon or whiskey is appropriate for hard liquors. Whiskey is even a great addition to barbecue sauce! Red wine goes best with barbecue and beer is always a good choice at a barbecue. For best options for all, hiring a mobile bar to supply your beverages is a great idea to ensure you have a variety of beverages and also keep your cost down.

The Food

There are so many foods that you can prepare on your own for a BBQ wedding that it’s difficult to narrow the list down.

Let’s begin with your hors d’oeuvres to include:

  • Bacon lollypops -As anyone and they can tell you, bacon makes everything taste better! Pineapple, jalapeno or cherries wrapped in bacon, grilled over the fire brings smokey flavor and will really be a great icebreaker to any barbecue wedding reception.

  • Grilled Okra with lemon mayo dip - This one will turn every carnivore to love this underestimated veg. Okra lightly covered in olive oil and flamed until darken. Taste turns to sweet and tender texture just to be dipped in lemon mayo.

  • Boerewors with Peach chutney - We are very proud to make our own Boerewors (South african beef sausage) with only best cuts of beef (no added nonsence) and spices. Sausage is rolled onto a grill in snail like shape. It is traditional way of BBQ in South Africa.

  • Flame kissed baby ribs - pork baby ribs marinated in sticky BBQ sauce and expertly cooked over the open fire.

Flame BBQ Wedding canape Grilled Okra

Moving on to the main course, you will want to make sure to get a jump on things by starting the hog roast in plenty of time to cook until it is tender. Hog roasted with just the right amount of salt, fresh sage, sweet and fruity applesauce is a BBQ fan favourite.

Be sure to offer lamb or chicken as well for those who prefer other meat varieties.

Most favourite serving style is Sharing platters. When we place all your menu to giant platter and deliver it to your guests right at the table.

Flame BBQ wedding catering Berkshire Sharing platter

Desserts are going to be sought, especially those that accompany a barbecue dinner. These are a few desserts that you must have on your menu for a perfect BBQ wedding reception.

  • Malva Pudding- Traditional South African Malva Pudding is a staple at many weddings today and when served warm, it’s the perfect compliment to any barbecue wedding meal.

  • Peppermint Crisp tart- A mesmerizing burst of flavor that includes chocolate, peppermint, caramel and coconut is a dessert lovers favorite and one that should be at the top of your dessert menu. This is one that will go fast, so be sure to have enough on hand for all your guests.

Flame BBQ catering Berkshire Malva pudding

Whether you’re planning a small, family-oriented wedding or you’re going to have a guest list to include several hundred of your closest friends, a BBQ wedding is going to be one that everyone will enjoy. Take your time to ensure that you carefully plan everything from the main course and music all the way down to the dinner napkins to ensure that your wedding reception is one that guests will remember for years to come.


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