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Wild kitchen

 Perfect for small private parties, corporate or team building. Menu is expertly crafted around fire and our aim is to maximise your experience with cooking on open fire.

We can also create all day cooking classes for your team.

Flame BBQ Wild kitchen venue

Sample of Wild kitchen menu

First course

Plank roasted salmon or trout on bruschetta with charred asparagus and herbal aioli


Ash charred heirloom tomatoes with burrata wild garlic pesto with 24 hour fermented sourdough & butter with Malden salt


Plancha fried potato rosti with Boerewors (Beef South African sausage) with ash charred tomato salsa with garlic


Marinated cheese with herbs with 24 hours fermented sourdough 


Chicken roasted in salt

7 days dry aged, 28 days matured Rib eye 

Whole salmon or Trout roasted in salt

Oak smoked chicken

Oak smoked pork shoulder & belly

Flambadou oysters with herbal butter

Mango & Tequila pork ribs


Smash plancha roasted potatoes

Fire kissed tenderstem broccoli

Hasleback sweet potato with parmesan

Whole roasted curry cauliflower

Grilled root veggies with thyme

Maple roasted whole carrot

Autumn squash risotto


Red pepper & chickpea stew


Flamed Pina Colada. Pineapple roasted in rum with Mascarpone, basil & chilli salsa


Fire cobbler with seasonal fruit & cloted cream

Flame BBQ Fire cooking courses
Flame BBQ Rib eye steak
Flame BBQ Chirken roasted in salt crust
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