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Edible centrepieces for your Wedding reception

We all want to have beautiful reception table, but did you notice how some centrepieces always get I to your way? There we have got martini glasses, candelabras or fish bowls..... We have seen them million times already.

It is just about time to bring into centre of your table food. Yes food! Colourful centrepieces are taking wedding by storm. You will serve food at your wedding anyway, why not to save some penny for flowers and serve edible centrepieces....

Let us show you way how you can easily work your Wedding breakfast into centrepieces.

Flame BBQ Grazing table

Ultimate Antipasti sharing board

This is perfect way how to let your guest choose what they want to eat and how much. Colourful and fresh display will creative talking point of your wedding.

Flame BBQ Edible centrepieces, Cupcake tower

Cute cupcake tower

Everyone loves cupcakes! Your guest will rush to finish their meal to get to them. It means more wedding cake for you!!!!

Flame BBq edible centrepieces, Strawberries in chocolate

Delicious strawberries in chocolate

Do I really have to explain to you why you need strawberries in chocolate on your table????

Flame BBQ edible centrepieces, sharing boards

Various starters options

Let your guest mix and match their food. They will love interactive way of eating. And it will also help with introducing talk around table.

Flame BBQ edible centrepieces, Sharing cakes

Cake! Cake! Cake!

Yes cake! Is there anything better than cake on wedding? Your guest can serve themselves as much as they like. It will allow also to have all flavours you always wanted to have. Or create miniature of wedding cake for each table!!!

Flame BBQ edible centrepieces,50's style party

Theme party

Do you have retro 50's style theme? Bring decor into your centrepieces as well. Coca cola or doughnut Tower will smile on your guests face.

Cheesy cheese board

Not fan of sweets? Serve cheese board with fresh fruit and crispy biscuits. You can't go wrong with cheese.

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