Dazzling and creative presentations, along with the taste that could meet your buds, Flame BBQ events and catering, with its choice of finest ingredients and a spectacular and friendly staff, is the best option that you can ever opt for your wedding day!

How to choose serving style for your Wedding reception

The food at your wedding is one of the most important aspects of the event. It’s actually what most guests remember from weddings, so of course you want it to be memorable! Flame BBQ understand the importance of how food is being served at your Wedding reception. And we know it can be also confusing. As bride and groom you have to choose not only your menu, but also serving style. Let us help you to choose perfect serving style for Your Wedding. Plated dinner A plated, sit-down meal is most traditional serving style. Each guest is served individually plated meal. You can make it more casual with half plated dish and self serving side, or more formal with silver service. ​​ Buffet A lon

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