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Bar Options

We at Grazing Table we realise the importance of serving the guests with utmost warmth and respect, leading them into the comfortable and enjoyable ambience of the wedding. As a part of our service, we will provide remarkable wedding drinks to the guest. Our professional and extremely friendly staff will serve these drinks to the guest, not just to refresh but to keep the wedding day rolling with some amazing drinks. We use milk bottles with paper straws, and the drinks are served out of kilner dispensers. Worth drinking at the next wedding you attend, and we are catering.

Prosecco at Arrival & Toast Drink

Arrival drinks 1 glass per person

Toast 1 glass per person

Set on rustic ladders with metal coolers and trays decorated with seasonal flowers

Served by our waiting staff

Include glasses for welcome drink

Package doesn’t include glassware for table (toast at the table)

Price: £12 per person



Flame BBQ welcome drinks display #prosec
Welcome Drinks Stand.jpg
Pimms & Coudy Lemonade Package

Set up on rustic wooden table with wine boxes and metal scale decorated by lemons and limes.

Milk bottles with paper straws decorated with fresh cut fruit


Pimms' served in big Kilner Dispensers (2.5 Glasses/person) decorated with fruit



Homemade Lemonade in Kilner Dispenser (1 Glass/person) decorated with blueberries and slices of lemon 

Served by our waiting staff


Cash Bar

Exclusive use of our signature Rustic barrel bar & larder bar back.

Guest pay for their own drinks at the bar

Card payment possible if your venue has internet signal.


£500 refundable Deposit

Bar must turn £500 for the return of deposit

Rustic barrel bar serving selection of spirits, beers, soft drinks and wines.

Recyclable glassware will be used .

Served by our staff.

Please note: If your venue doesn't have alcohol licence you will have to apply for TEN

Would you like to serve cocktails at your party? Drop us message and tell us about your idea. We have very talented mixologist in our team.

Flame BBQ Rustic Cash Bar
Beer Toast
Drink till you Sink

Exclusive use of our rustic barrel bar and ladder bar back.

Pre-paid bar when guests can enjoy unlimited drinks for 4 or 6 hours.

Rustic barrel bar serving selection of beers, soft drinks and wines.

Recyclable glasses will be used.

Served by our staff

Price: £16.50/person (for 4 hours) £19 (for 6 hours)


Glassware Hire

Will you need glassware for table? Or you want to upgrade your bar? We are here for you.

Our classic collection of glasses is available for £0.50 per glass.

Prosecco glasses

Water glasses

White wine glasses

Red wine glasses

Rustic water karafes are available for £2 per item

8L Killner lemonade dispensers for £8 per item

5L Kilner lemonade dispenser for £6 per item

Milk bottles for £0.50 per item

You can also hire extra staff for £180 to be at your service for 8 hours

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