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Flame BBQ Braai day

If you have received link to this page we value you as our friends or family <3

We are so excited to announce first Braai of 2021 !!! We have met so many new friends during last year and we would love to link you all together. You even might be neighbours but don't know each others :)

Kids and well behaved dogs are welcome.

Flame BBQ is organising first Braai of season 2021 on Sunday 18th April. Braai day will be held at our HQ in Grange Farm Units, Nelsons lane, Hurst RG10 0RR from 11am.

There is plenty of parking. Toilets available.. Braai spots will be spaced up over car park for everyone who want to be together but far from each others.

We will provide braais, charcoal, tables and all equipment you will need to enjoy day with us. There is great quality of meat to pre-order from us. You can build your Braai pack from:

Rib eye skewers glazed in garlic butter £18 per kg order by pieces (3 to 4 pieces on skewer)

Rib eye skewer marinated in Mexican madness £18 per kg order by pieces (3 to 4 pieces on skewer)

Chicken pieces marinated in: Grill spice, Peri peri, Cajun or teriyaki £5 per kg (order by pieces)

our signature Ribs in sticky sauce £6 per kg

Traditional Boerewors (no added pork) in thin casing £10/kg packed in +/- 500g

Belgium blue beef burger £2.50 per piece

Lamb chops in garden mint glaze £8.50 per kg (order by pieces)

Salads / sides

Brioche buns (pack of 6) £2.50

24 hours fermented sourdough bread £2.50

Rolls & tomato relish for boerie rolls (4 rolls) £3

Let us know your thoughts about it - we think it is good idea to charge £2 per person for salads and pap and we will make them in bulk for everybody to enjoy.

Curry banana salad

Potato salad


Pap - already cooked

Mix leaf salad


Milk tart £8

Malva pudding (serves 2) with custard £4

Chocolate chip cookie £0.50 3 for £1

Bring your own drinks.

There will be some on our small shop shelves:

Cream soda


Fanta grape

Fanta orange

5 years KWV

10 years KWV......

To make sure we have enough please place your order.

We are looking forward to see you there!

Matt & Veronika

07958670153 - Veronika


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