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Beautiful hidden Gem

Anne of Cleves Barn, just love this photo

We have had the privilege to serve an evening Hog Roast for wedding party at Anne of Cleves barn. This beautiful gem is nicely hidden on working farm of Great Lodge.

In fairytale setting surrounded by vineyard is an impressive Grade 1 listed brick and tile barn builded when the estate was owned by Anne of Cleves following the annulment of her marriage to King Henry VIII.

You can hold your ceremony in the barn or in the garden. I m sure you will have trouble to choose. Your guest can enjoy games during the welcome drinks on meadow around Lake, or walk in vineyard.

The barn can seat up to 180 guests and with fairy light in place you can save on decorations.

Venue is limited to 25 wedding a year between April and October. If you planning to have your dream wedding at Ann of Cleves, you are most certainly up for a real treat :)

This is just some photos I took with my phone, so no special filters (except for the first one but I just love that photo). Best is still to go and see the venue yourself as words and photos cannot describe the beauty of this gem.

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