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Come to joins for private dining experience or Flamed secret supper club at secret locations. We will be treating you with exciting menu cooked over fire.  You can find some menu samples below.

Autumnal inspired menu on fire

Grilled okra with lemon mayo
Smoked chicken
7 days dry aged, 28 days matured sous vide steak
Flame kissed BBQ baby pork ribs
Maple glazed carrots
Hassleback sweet potato with thyme and parmesan
Chared romanie salad
Warm Malva pudding with custard

Karafe with water


South African inspired menu in oven and on fire

Grilled oepsies (Bacon) with Cherries, Pineapple and Jalapenos
Biltong Cream cheese with freshly baked Sourdough 
Grandpa Nools Bobotie and Rice with Banana on the side
Honey glazed carrots
Pumpkin Fritters
Warm Malva pudding with custard

Karafe of  water


Christmas inspired menu 

Red wine & cranberries chicken liver pate

Home baked sourdough 
Prosecco brined turkey breasts

Roasted pork lion with sour cherry stuffing

Sour cherry relish




Rolled turkey with maple & bacon

Bourbon, marmelade & ginger glazed gammon
Thyme & prosecco roasted parsnip

Amaretti, prosciutto & herb stuffed apples

Maple roasted carrots

Grean beans with peppers
Fig & date ice-cream cake with brandy sirup

Karafe of water


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