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Laser Clay shooting

The digital version of Laser Clays is a realistic but environmentally friendly version of real clay pigeon shooting. Likewise, where noise may be an issue, the external speakers attached to the scoreboard are a fully adjustable in terms of volume control. The plastic clays do not break on impact and are fully recyclable. The system also has internal batteries so is completely self-sufficient in terms of power requirements.


5 x Gun Laserclay System – 3 Hour – £400 + VAT
5 x Gun Laserclay System – 7 Hour – £800 + VAT


  • 5 x Laser Shotguns

  • 1 x Scoreboard

  • 1 x Hand controller

  • Clay Trap & Clays

  • Numbered Place Matts

  • Gazebo

  • Instructors

laser guns.jpg
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