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Cocktails on draft

Our impressive cocktails will deliver WOW effect to your party. With beautiful design of our bar and fast pouring your guests will never need to wait for their drinks again.

Cocktails as reception drinks, or  cocktails for all night festivities? You do not have to choose now as our new draft system will speed up service and you can enjoy more cocktails !
Cocktails on draft mobile bar
Passion fruit martini served at Wedding reception

Smirnoff  Passion fruit Martini

Smirnoff Vodka combined with juicy passion fruit, guava & lime flavours, is balanced with smooth notes of vanilla and marshmallow.

Smirnoff  Espresso Martini

A rich and smooth coffee-flavoured cocktail with characteristic vanilla and chocolate note, made with Smirnoff Vodka.

Capitan Morgan Strawberry Daiuqiri

This smooth cocktail mixes Captain Morgan's Original Spiced Gold with sweet ripe strawberries, juicy lime and rich notes of vanilla and rum spice.

Gordon's Pink Gin

A Fruity blend of juicy raspberry and tart lemon, with red berries and sweet taste of Gordon's Premium Pink Distilled Gin.


Our cocktails come in package of mobile wooden bar decorated with foliage.

High quality reusable plastic saucers

Staff members to serve and clear up glasses

We will need from you power to run our bar.

Every flavour serves 60 cocktails

1 flavour booking £800   

2 flavours booking or 2 bookings of same flavour £1175

3 flavour booking or 3 mixed up bookings £1450

4 flavours booking or 4 mixed up bookings £1775

Perfect cocktails for summer BBQ
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