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Mother's day

Pre-order your Valentine package to avoid disappointment.

Pick up from  Grange Farm Units, Nelsons Lane, Hurst, RG10 0RR

Celebrational platter - South African flavours

Boerewors sausage roll      Tomato relish     Vetkoek with mince     Droewors     Biltong     Brisket    

Smoked pork belly    Sticky pork baby ribs    Biltong pate    24 hours fermented sourdough loaf

Milk tart

Require about personalised platter to suit your taste.

Price: £20 for one     £40 for two     £80 for five

South African flavours platter
Celebration platter inspired South African flavours
Celebration platter South African flavours

Luxury box of Profiteroles with row of roses

Choux pastry filled with cheesecake filling.

Mix of  vanilla, raspberry & chocolate

Displayed in box with row of roses (colour may vary) with ribbon

About 20 to 25 pieces (depend on size) 

Price: £20

Choux pastry filled with cheesecake filling
Profiteroless Gift box
Gift box full of profiterolles

Cheesecake croissant gift box

All butter croissant filled with cheesecake filling. Vanilla filling topped with raspberry coulis and white chocolate.  Vanilla filling with salted caramel and soft fudge topping. Chocolate filling topped with maltesers and chocolate.

Displayed in box with window and ribbon.

Price: £15 for 3 croissants in box

All butter cheesecake croissant
Cheesecake croissant box for Mother's day
Luxury treat

Droewors bouquet for those who prefers meaty treats

1kg of our droewors (only beef meat and fat, no pork added) hand tied into bouquet

with hessian bow

Droewors bouquet
Chilli bites & droewors

Giant loaded chocolate chip cookie

1kg and 11" of our beautiful soft cookie covered with Nutella, Maltesers, white chocolate, smarties, Twix and other sweet treats. 

Price: £15

Giant loaded cookie for Mother's day
Giant cookie for Mother's day
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