Drinks Menu

We at Flame BBQ events and catering realise the importance of serving the guests with utmost warmth and respect, leading them into the comfortable and enjoyable ambience of the wedding. As a part of our service, we will provide remarkable wedding drinks to the guest. Our professional and extremely friendly staff will serve these drinks to the guest, not just to refresh but to keep the wedding day rolling with some amazing drinks. We use milk bottles with paper straws, and the drinks are served out of kilner dispensers. Worth drinking at the next wedding you attend, and we are catering.

Tea & Coffee

Tea and Coffee will be served buffet style and will be available from just after the Main Course have been served. We will include all the necessary accompaniments to enable us to serve this i.e Cups, saucers, milk, sugar, Tea Biscuits and Cantuccini so guest can help themselves.



Pimms & Lemonade Package

Pimms and lemonade served in big Kilner Dispensers (2.5 Glasses/person)



Homemade Lemonade in Kilner Dispenser (1 Glass/person)

£5.95/person All IN

Cash Bar

Guest pay for their own drinks at the bar


£300 Deposit

Wet Bar

We will have Beer on Tap, IPA, and House Wines, Red, White and Rose, Soft drinks.

Price: £12.50/person (for 4 hours) £15 (for 6 hours)