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The best catering for your Wedding in Berkshire

During a person’s lifetime, there are many special occasions and festivals like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, business lunch/dinner which one wants to celebrate with sheer joy and excitement. Usually, people tend to celebrate them in the best possible way according to the resources that they have planned. Out of many options to celebrate, the two major categories that are considered are (a) going out to some nice restaurant in Berkshire, event complex/ halls (b) get all the necessary things for that event at the desired place in Berkshire through a catering vendor. As people are developing their living standards, they seem to spend more on their events, making it unique not only for them but their guests and beloved ones.

Out of all the events, a wedding holds a special place in heart for most of you out there. Not just because it’s a one-time thing, but because it’s a union of two souls and two bodies, and the event has to be perfect not just for the couple, but for the guests who are invited. This blog will shed a spotlight on all the facilities that we offer for wedding catering in Berkshire and all those which can provide you with the maximum utility without breaking your bank.

When a person is looking for wedding catering facilities in Berkshire, he/she aspires to have a customised plan and menu according to their will. Getting the best is what everybody desires, and this is what we, at Flame BBQ events and catering also believe in. We ensure that our confident and specialized team of experts assists you in every manner possible, in the bets of ways. Whether you have a small wedding planned out, or a big event for your special day, Flame BBQ events and catering will never disappoint you.

From wedding breakfasts to evening buffets, we have covered you all, by providing unique solutions to all your concerns, just as you have always wanted it. Dealing with all sorts of wedding catering in Berkshire, we take a ride in maintaining our highest level of a standard through our professional services and the products we offer. We always double check that whatever we are offering to our clients is the best quality and nothing is left at stake.

We realise how important wedding catering is to a wedding function. Therefore, we must tell that the standards of our food quality go back to our supply network. We source all our ingredients locally in Berkshire, so the freshness is maintained and deal with established butchers, fruit sellers, and fishmongers etcetera. We understand that incorporating all your needs is very essential, since firstly, it is your event that we are catering, and secondly we have to ensure your loyalty to our brand. Coupled with our extensive knowledge and expertise about wedding catering facilities and design, our hard work and adamancy will certainly make your wedding the talk of Berkshire.

We are even expert in bar services at weddings and provide you with an excellent and comfortable ambience to enjoy the function. Our friendly and professional staff will defiantly make you feel how important and special this day is for you and your guests. If you have invested a lot of time and money on us, then we should be able to cater the bets wedding for you, and this means setting up a bar for the guests to get some amazing liquor. This is a must for some weddings, creating magic in the air with all the booze. We offer a wide array of full-service packages that are well-suited for your event to make your time stress free and hassle free and so you could enjoy your day. We even provide a complimentary bottle for the bride and the groom so they can hit it off at the wedding. Our experienced bartending staff will get you the best drinks, just as you would want them to be like, providing the best bar services at weddings. Our alcohol is safe and legal, with everything under insurance so no issues can arise there. We work with full safety and determination, so no compromises have to be made by the end of the day. Coupled with all this excitement, we also offer welcome drinks to your guests, inviting them into the warm and comfortable environment of your wedding.

Our wedding menu is not just a variegated one but is also incredibly delicious and mouthwatering that you would not have any reason to say no to it. Not just this, the packages are also very reasonably priced, so you are not overburdened at your wedding day. Ranging from our delightful canapes with various dipping sauces, to a wide array of dishes included in the main course, with different salads as the side dish, to numerous veggie options which you can opt, to amazing dessert options which can leave you confused by the time you're done with reading our menu. You would want to order everything at your wedding because the menu is that delicious and pleasing.

Our friendly and expert team will give you all the advice that you need regarding our menu and the relative costs and number of people the amount would serve. This ensures that you do not over order at your wedding, and your costs are also minimized since we care about your budget allocations. You can create your wedding event menu and place it with us, and we guarantee you that we will come up with the exact list for you for your special day.

Our BBQ chefs are not just professional and experts, but they can also adjust their ingredients according to your spice levels and other requirements. You will get a refreshing change from the standard BBQ, canapé and salads that you used to eat before. Your guests would just be genuinely happy for your successful wedding arrangement. We will make you feel safe in our hands, and you will love our unique sidelines, ranging from various salads such as summer salad, couscous, and salmon pasta salad etcetera, to numerous veggie options such as glazed honey carrots, bulgur with mixed vegetables, and green beans with red pepper etcetera.

Flame BBQ events and catering are not just a business like many others. It is more of a platform where you can raise all your wedding catering concerns, because well, it’s food. And food is a very significant part of a wedding. Whether you wish to have a wedding breakfast or an evening buffet at your wedding, Flame BBQ events and catering will try to exceed your expectations regarding the fantastic food and the service provided. Our menus will reflect on your taste and style, and make the wedding more elegant than ever. Everything prices reasonable, you will for sure book us not just for this wedding, but for any other wedding that might take place in your friends and family circle.

Dazzling and creative presentations, along with the taste that could meet your buds, Flame BBQ events and catering, with its choice of finest ingredients and a spectacular and friendly staff, is the best option that you can ever opt for your wedding day!

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